From now on, feel yourselves lucky and happy since you’d chosen Salvatini. For our products, the application of the quality standards is a continuous process and includes every phase of the production from the selection of the raw materials to the final product.

The most natural and top quality cashmere, wool, cotton, linen, silk fibers of the best manufactures are selected for Salvatini. The precious materials such as cashmere, silk, supere 180’S wool, the tricots of 30 gg, mercerized cotton of 70/2-80/2, the 200/2 cotton fabrics, the natural accessories of top quality, pure floss silk linings and top quality leathers are carefully chosen.

Our objective is to obtain the highest quality and in order to reach the defined quality standards we’re conducting a series of tests and have a check list applied in each phase of the production. The control process includes the weight and color check, wear out and stretching tests, visual checks against damages which may happen during the production. All are conducted in the best possible way to obtain top quality products. The top quality Salvatini products are packaged and stored by using the most developed technological means.



Salvatini suit stands out with its cutting and fits the body perfectly. A collection enriched with top quality materials completes the perfection.

Gant model, Colombian sewing, punched stitch, axilla perspiration linen, 4 inner, pockets combined with the unique sewing quality of Salvatini provides a comfortable and elegant use. Salvatini also produces on special demands by applying these features to 4, 6, 8 drop and X-large sizes.



Salvatini’s classical and sportive trousers stand out with their perfect cutting and comfortable use. The quality is completed by the use of a variety of top quality materials from wool to cotton, from linen to velvet. Alla re supported by pure and elastane nanotechnology fabrics. The rich model range is prepared with the highest care and shows the Salvatini way of life. Meanwhile it provides a comfortable use through the perfect sewing quality.



The basic feature of Salvatini’s jacket, duffle-coat and coat is to provide a comfortable use by its color, model range and functionality. They stand out as a perfect life style with their natural materials proper to the body and the elegant accessories. Salvatini’s aesthetic values and differences are best reflected in the novelties and technological products supported by R&D.



Salvatini’s shirts are a continuation of its style with its natural materials and orginal design that fit everybody’s taste.


Salvatini’s tricots are designed to be comfortable and handy. They are manufactured by 30 gg machineries with a mix of natural cotton, wool, silk, cashmere yarns of long fiber. The fine and btight knitting made by 30 gg machineries results in long lasting and elastic products of top quality. The quality combined with a rich model range and color variety completes the Salvatini collection.



Salvatini t-shirts stand out with the comfortable use and color variety. The comfort is the result of the careful knitting of the mercerized cotton yarn in the jersey machineries. The Salvatini designs use the colors in a harmony which provides a pleasant clothing style.


This group of product reflects Salvatini concept by a rich color variety and differentiation. It stands out with its 100% silk yarn and its special designs in which the colors of the nature are mixed in a perfect way.


A fine yard manufactured by using the long fiber Egyptian cotton of 70/2 flozkozia.


The Salvatini’s belt is the best example of natural leather with its buckles of the best craftsmanship. They are both aesthetic and durable.


They are manufactured by using natural leather and different moulds. They complete the perfect Salvatini quality by their comfortable use and craftsmanship.


Salvatini underwear manufactured by modal (viscose) combed cotton provides a comfort as being a part of your body.


The wool, 80/2 mercerized cotton, 100% cotton socks without sewing complete the Salvatini concept.